KLEBERMANN KLEBSTOFFE was founded in 1975 and has now become one of Asia's most successful independent silicone sealant compounders. Our company has been run by the same family for two generations which enables us to build up an excellent know-how. The company is based on 3 pillars: high quality, flexibility and respect for people. This allows us to perfectly satisfy our present customers' needs.

At KLEBERMANN we do more than simply sell products. Our technical department provides technical support to our customers. In this way KLEBERMANN is establishing a real partnership with their customers.


KLEBERMANN operates of an extremely well-equipped research and development laboratory. Existing products are also continuously improved allowing us to meet the present and future needs on the market.

It is this market-driven concern that makes KLEBERMANN a leading edge supplier of innovative products that meet the needs of automotive enthusiasts, professional technicians and industries alike.

KLEBERMANN markets and sells a variety of products under well-recognized brand names such as KLEBERMANN ®, BEST®, and GENERAL POWER SERIES®.


General Powerglue

General Powerglue is an amazing new quick bonding adhesive that is colourless, transparent and requires no heat, no mixing, no clamping more

Plastic Steel 5 mins Epoxy

Used by industry for repairing broken machinery, filling holes in castings, making metal forming more

Super Gasket Sealer

An excellent all purpose gasket maker which makes gasket of any size or shape in minutes. more

Klebermann Auto Sealer

This is an excellent all purpose Black RTV Gasket. RTV Gasket reacts to moisture in the air to form a flexible rubber when cured. more

Silicone Glass Sealant Premium

This multi purpose silicone sealant is a non-slump, paste-like, one component RTV designed for a wide variety more